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Морфологічні та синтаксичні властивості[ред.]



Семантичні властивості[ред.]



  1. як. ◆ He was never seen as the boss, rather than as a friend.
  2. так. ◆ The parties appeared as if they were agreeing on a range of issues.
  3. такий. ◆ You’re not as tall as I am.
  4. щодо. ◆ As to her case, we will decide it tomorrow.
  5. настільки. ◆ It's not as well-made, but it's twice as expensive.
  6. згідно з. ◆ The kidnappers released him as agreed.
  7. як наприклад. ◆ There are several birds I love, such as red robin.


  1. як. ◆ As you wish, my lord!
  2. оскільки. ◆ As it’s too late, I quit.
  3. коли. ◆ He sleeps as the rain falls.
  4. як тільки. ◆ As I came in, she flew.
  5. поки. ◆ As my fear grew, so did my legs become heavy.
  6. тому що. ◆ She didn't go with us, as she could not come today.
  7. мов. ◆ He was giddy as a schoolboy.
  8. у ролі. ◆ The movie features Al Gore as a streetwise pimp.
  9. наче. ◆ They're big as houses.
  10. тоді. ◆ немає прикладів застосування.
  11. хоч. ◆ немає прикладів застосування.
  12. як би не. ◆ Tired as she was did not leave her task undone.
  13. у той час, як. ◆ As he was coming in, I punched him in the face.


  1. що. ◆ He was a foreigner, as they perceived from his accent.
  2. який. ◆ He is the same man as I met yesterday.
  3. такий. ◆ You are not as tall as me.


  1. when
  2. while
  3. because
  4. since




Усталені словосполучення, фразеологізми[ред.]

Споріднені слова[ред.]

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